Our vision is to empower you to share the Gospel with the kids in your community.

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Strong believers, greater impact.

Scripture Union focuses on a ministry to children because childhood is the best time to begin a lifetime relationship with God. Recent studies by the Barna Group found that the pre-teen years are the most vital in developing faith, and sustaining it over a lifetime. We hope to reach kids early, allowing them to grow up in faith and make their own impact.

  • A Barna study found that nearly half of all people who accept Christ do so before the age of 13.
  • People who accept Christ in their pre-teen years are more likely to remain "absolutely committed" to the Christian faith.

We have two programs tailored to children’s ministry.

Anywhere, Anytime Outreach


A SuperKids Mission can be adapted to any children’s outreach ministry and to a wide variety of settings, including public beaches, city parks and playgrounds, camps, or any other location where children gather. SuperKids is an anywhere-anytime program.

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Faith-based After School Program


PrimeTime® is a faith-based after school program jointly developed by Scripture Union and The Salvation Army. Aimed at children 6-12 years old, it can be easily adapted to children as young as kindergarten age. The uniqueness of this children’s Bible teaching program is it has been carefully written for reaching children who are not familiar with the Bible.

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Get involved

Volunteer or attend a local event.

Local events are the best way to understand what's going on in your community. We host many opportunities, so check out our list of upcoming events, and find one you want to volunteer for or attend.
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Regional Ministries

Our regional ministry programs reach communities all around the nation.

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local office

White Plains, NY

ministry director

Sonia Dobson

local office

Philadelphia, PA

ministry director

Lisa (Williams) Mendez

local office

Uxbridge, MA 01569

ministry director

Mary Sutton

local office

Lakeland, FL

ministry director

Jay Wingo

You could help a kid understand the Gospel for the first time.

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